Made By Bees Buckwheat Honey 60g
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The colour and taste of honey are influenced by the nectar the honey bees have collected. Honey flavours, whether subtle or bold, capture the distinct characteristics of the flowers within an 8km radius of the hive. 

Dark and rich, Buckwheat honey has powerful malty flavours and a lingering aftertaste. Darker kinds of honey tend to be higher in antioxidant compounds than lighter ones.

Our honey is raw, meaning it is always unpasteurized and minimally filtered retaining its natural properties.

Honey is not recommended for infants under the age of 12 months.

Bees are the only insect in the world that make food that humans can eat. They collectively fly 55,000 miles to make one pound of honey – that’s twice around the world! 

The importance of bees is far greater than the honey they produce. Did you know that honey bees perform about 80% of all pollination worldwide? One out of three bites of food comes from a bee-pollinated plant. Numerous crops like apples, cranberries, melons, broccoli and almonds would cease to exist without the hard-working bees' contribution to our food system.