Make your own food wraps

For a fun and eco-conscious way to stay busy as a bee, try one of my do-it-yourself beeswax wrap kits! Whether you're a wrap-making beginner or a seasoned pro, my kits are for everyone! 


The DIY beeswax wrap kit includes enough beeswax formula to cover the 4 fabric pieces included, 1 x stir stick, 1 x brush, and easy step-by-step bilingual instructions on how to create your own beautiful and reusable beeswax wraps (please remember to use Fahrenheit and not Celcius on your oven).

The beeswax formula is made from pure Canadian beeswax, pine tree rosin and organic jojoba oil. It contains the perfect blend to make your own versatile and long-lasting food wraps. 


Beeswax wraps are plastic-free, and are easily shaped around a piece of food by the heat of your hands and can be washed and stored for multiple uses. The wrap will stick to itself, create a seal to keep your food nice and fresh. 

SMALL WRAP 7" x 7"

Seal the end of a cucumber, wrap half a lemon or an avocado - even a small snack.  Save your onion but not that smell!

MEDIUM WRAP 10" x 10"

Store cheese, wrap a muffin or cover a bowl.

LARGE WRAP 13" x 13"

Wrap a crusty loaf of bread or stop a bunch of fresh herbs from going slimy (wash as you use them). Seal half a squash, melon or cabbage.

Wash in cold water. Use mild soap as needed. Air dry, fold or roll and store in your drawer for multiple uses (or place in a basket on your countertop so you don’t forget about them!). Do not heat or use with raw meats.


A perfect replacement for plastic in the kitchen.

It's simple to reduce your footprint and food waste!