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STUFF Made and Built in Eastern Ontario: What's the Buzz?

What's the buzz?  At her small apiary in Brockville, Made By Bees founder Priscilla Everett keeps herself busy as a, well, bee. There's not much in the way of products from the industrious insect that she doesn't sell from her farm and through her online store. Honey, of course, is...

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LCBO Food & Drink: Expert Advice - The Buzz on Honey

A lot of work goes into a jar of honey. To learn more, we asked Priscilla Everett, a Brockville-based beekeeper and owner of Made by Bees, for an inside look at the wonderful world of bees. Why do bees make honey? To have a source of food in the cooler...

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Making a difference at the One of a Kind show

Brockville beekeeper Priscilla Everett’s interest in honeybees started soon after her son began keeping bees on their property. “At first, I was just the nosy Mom having a peek at what he was doing,” says Everett. But, soon, the beekeeping became a family activity, and when her kids left for...

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