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Beeswax Food Wraps:

Why use beeswax food wraps?
Beeswax has plenty of great benefits, making this plastic-free concept to preserve food an effective no-waste solution.

Our food wraps help to avoid food waste (by keeping food fresher for longer) and help to reduce plastic pollution (no more need for those single-use disposable plastics).

They also have the following additional properties:


  • All Natural & Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly & Plastic-free
  • Food Safe & Sustainable
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Waterproof & Breathable
What are the suggested uses of beeswax food wraps?
Use our beeswax wraps to preserve almost any food, they work best when directly wrapped onto fruits and vegetables. Cheese is one of our favourite applications too! Simply create a mold around your food, or bowl, and using the warmth of your hands, press to create a seal. Do not use on raw meats and keep away from heat, making sure to let leftovers cool before wrapping.

SMALL WRAP 7" x 7":Seal the end of a cucumber, wrap half a lemon or an avocado - even a small snack. Save your onion but not that smell!

MEDIUM WRAP 10" x 10":Store cheese, wrap a muffin or cover a bowl.

LARGE WRAP 13" x 13":Wrap a crusty loaf of bread or stop a bunch of fresh herbs from going slimy (wash as you use them). Seal half a squash, melon or cabbage.

BUTTONED WRAP 13" x 13":Build your lunch, set on the wrap and fold in the corners, toss string around the button and have the best-dressed sandwich in town!
How do I clean my beeswax food wrap?
Wash in cold water using a mild soap as needed.

Simply wipe down with a wet cloth if, for example, it's been used to wrap your lettuce!

Air dry, and fold to store for multiple uses.
How long will my beeswax food wrap last?
Beeswax wraps can last from a few months up to a year, all depending on how hard their life has been.

In their second life, they can be repurposed and used to open jar lids, or scrunch them up and make awesome fire starters. Or just toss them into your compost bin!
What are the ingredients of your beeswax food wraps?
Our beeswax wraps are handmade by infusing 100% cotton cloth with pure Canadian beeswax; food-grade pine tree resin sourced from a family-owned agribusiness where sustainable forest practices are used; and organic jojoba oil.

Each wrap is individually handcrafted, and so is subtly unique.
Do your beeswax food wraps have a smell?
Yes! The sweet smell of beeswax :) This smell can differ slightly from batch to batch as the nectar collected by the bees is influenced by the characteristics of the flowers within an 8 km radius of their hive.

However, your food will not take on the smell or taste of beeswax.
What is the history of beeswax cloth?
Historically beeswax cloth was used for wrapping Egyptian mummies. It has since morphed into a modern-day food wrap, currently being made by numerous producers – or you can make your own too!

Whichever route you take, we are happy you’ve decided to take a step closer towards living minimal waste.

Beeswax Crayons:

What are your beeswax crayons made from?
Our beeswax crayons are made using a blend of waxes primarily beeswax, oils and food-grade pigments. They are non-toxic and safer for children to use than traditional paraffin-based crayons in the event of accidental consumption.
What is the white powder on my crayons and how do I get rid of it?
The white powder on our beeswax crayons comes as a result of “blooming”, a natural phenomenon that is common on beeswax products and is an indication that your crayon is 100% beeswax. The substance is not harmful and can be removed using a cloth or rag.
What ages are beeswax crayons suitable for?
Our beeswax crayons are designed for children aged one and up, perfect for small hands and for the development of fine motor skills.
Where and how should I store my beeswax crayons?
Beeswax crayons are best kept in a dry environment out of direct sunlight and the reach of children.

Swedish Dishcloth:

What can I use them for?
Swedish dishcloths are perfect for chores around the house, cleaning up spills, washing the dishes, or giving a virtually streak-free clean to surfaces. Safe for use with detergents and soaps.
How do I keep them clean?
Cleaning them is easy: machine wash in either the washing machine or the top rack of the dishwasher. Alternatively, they can be boiled or even placed in the microwave for a minute when damp. After washing, be sure to air dry completely before using the next use - please never put them in the dryer!
How do I dispose of a Swedish dishcloth?
Made of natural materials and dyes, they can simply be composed, providing nutrients back to the soil!
How do I store my dishcloth when not in use?
They are best stored clean, flat, and in a dry environment when not in use.

Cutting Board Wax:

How do I know when my surfaces and utensils could do with some cutting board wax?
Wood has the natural tendency to dry out over time, something which is often accelerated when soaps and other cleaning agents are used. Using a board wax as soon as wood shows signs of dryness, discoloration, or cracking, would help restore the surface and protect it from further damage.
When should I re-apply cutting board wax to my wooden surfaces again?
Re-apply wax as soon as you see your surfaces become dry. Keeping the wood nicely waxed will help prevent cracks and leaks, as well as defend against moisture damage.
How much cutting board wax should I use?
It is better to use a lesser amount, to begin with, adding more as required. The ideal application will result in a thin layer coating the entire surface, giving a natural shine.
Is the cutting board wax limited to kitchen utensils and surfaces?
Cutting Board Wax can be used for a number of different applications, though always shows the best results when used on wood that has not been coated or sealed. Feel free to apply to items outside the kitchen, including children’s toys, furniture, and more!

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