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Founder/Beekeeper: Priscilla

Priscilla is a beekeeper with a passion for honeybee advocacy.

She started her beekeeping journey as a hobby with her children. When they spread their wings and left home, she morphed into a “Queen Bee”, and Made By Bees took flight.

Ultimately Priscilla's curiosity expanded beyond understanding how bee colonies flourish and included learning the critical role they play in global food security. Honeybees pollinate many delicious crops such as fruits and nuts. If bees disappeared, the human diet would be much less diverse and of course, we would miss honey! Collectively bees fly 55,000 miles to make one pound of honey - that's twice around the world! 

Made By Bees which started as a small collaboration with community partners, has blossomed into the lively organization we know today. Located on a pesticide-free property just outside of Brockville, Ontario, it generates sustainable solutions to everyday living and cultivates a bee-friendly haven. 

Taking steps together to save our bees, the planet, and your food.

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Priscilla is a member of the Ontario Beekeepers Association.