Made By Bees About Us

Owner/Operator: Priscilla

Once upon a time there was a mother duck with three little ducklings. Eventually these ducklings spread their wings and mother duck was no longer packing school lunches or buzzing around the countryside.

With open fields and relentless curiosity, Priscilla morphed into a “Queen Bee” and built hives for her newly adopted dependents. Tender care gave rise to extra honey for sale and MADE BY BEES took flight. Priscilla began on a new adventure, which was to understand how bee colonies flourish and learn the critical role they play in global food security. She heard buzzing whispers calling for her innovative spirit. To her core Priscilla believes in a minimal waste lifestyle. Her passion for reviving honey bee populations and crafting beautiful & sustainable gifts has lead to a diverse selection of ethical products.

What started as a small collaboration with community partners has blossomed into the lively MADE BY BEES we know today.