Pure and simple, beautiful beeswax taper candles.

Our 100% pure Canadian beeswax candles burn 3x longer than paraffin candles and contain no artificial additives, fragrances, or paraffin. As it burns, pure beeswax purifies the air from mould, dust, and allergens. Beeswax candles have a naturally sweet, honey-like smell but are fragrance-free. Please burn responsibly and never leave candles unattended.

Our current candles are a slightly different shape, but they are the same length.

6" Candles: Burn time 6-8 hours.
8" Candles: Burn time 8-10 hours.

Cut the wick to a ¼ inch for best burning. 

Handmade using products from the hive in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

Did you know?

Worker bees have eight wax-producing mirror glands on the inner sides of their abdominal segments from which wax is secreted when foraging is active. Bees must eat 8 lbs of honey to yield 1 lb of wax. The hive worker collects the wax flakes, chews them with her mandibles, and shapes them to make honeycomb cells in which the young are raised, and honey and pollen are capped for storage.